To sell virginity in Almaty

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To sell virginity in Almaty

The girls who have sold their virginity in Almaty through the First Night agency

Dana sold her virginity in Almaty


I’m Dana, I live in Almaty. I have decided to sell my virginity to buy a new apartment. I left an application and within a month the agency found a wealthy buyer for me. I liked him very much. We made a deal. Everything was romantic and cool. I was happy, as well as he was.

Zarina sold her virginity in Almaty


My close friend has already sold her virginity, so I have also decided to sell mine. The managers from the agency are very competent, they know what they do. My manager found me several men, and I chose one them.

Jeanne sold innocence in Almaty through an auction


I would like to drive an expensive German car. But when I was studying at the university in Almaty and working, I could not afford buying a car. I was a virgin, so I decided to apply to the agency «First-Night» and sell my virginity. After the consultation, I signed the contract and waited for my first man. After two months I finally made my dream come true. Now I have my own Mercedes, and that is amazing!