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Buy virginity in Belarus

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Alexandra sells her innocence in Belarus


Price: $ 31 000
Age: 18
Eye color: blue
Hair color: Light Brown
I have an athletic body, 32B bust, nice abs, smooth skin. I go in for sports and take care of myself. No bad habits. I’m a good student. I’m an active person!

Lisa sells innocence in Belarus


Price: $ 24 999
Age: 18
Eye color: gray
Hair color: Light Brown
I love dancing, I love doing sports, listening to music. I go to the gym. I have a slim body. 34A bust. I don’t smoke or drink alcohol.

KseniaI want to sell my virginity in Belarus


Price: $ 29 990
Age: 18
Eye color: gray
Hair color: brown
I like to go shopping, have fun with friends. No bad habits. My body is slender, 34F bust. I go to modeling school, participate in shows and photo sessions.

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