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For how much can virginity be bought in Copenhagen?

The price for buying virginity from girls in Copenhagen starts at $ 22,000. For girls from other cities in Denmark, the price often rises to $ 100,000, and in the world sometimes there are cases of buying innocence for $ 1,000,000.

When deciding to buy virginity, you provide yourself with not just an elite leisure, but also something else. It is about the possibility of a long-term relationship with the chosen one and even the prospect of marriage. Open profiles now and look at the irresistible appearance of the girls from Copenhagen. Moreover, each girl provides a medical confirmation of her innocence, which you can also double-check with your personal doctor.

The virgins from the closed catalog are:

  • matchless beauties;
  • models;
  • athletes;
  • dancers;
  • participants of beauty contests.

Each of them will be able to impress you not only with natural charm but also with talents.

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Buy virginity in Copenhagen

Girls from whom you can buy virginity in Copenhagen with the First-Night VIP agency!

Buy virginity in Vete in Copenhagen


Price: $ 27 499
Age: 19
Eye color: gray
Hair color: red
I’m a model in Copenhagen. I moved to live in Denmark from Moscow. I love my job, I like to pose and take pictures. In addition, I work as a dancer in a nightclub. I’ve never had a relationship, so I kept my innocence. I want to find a generous man to create a family.

Zosel selling virginity in Copenhagen


Price: $ 34 699
Age: 18
Eye color: blue
Hair color: blonde
I live in Copenhagen. I’m fond of music and sports, as well as studying at the institute. In addition, I’m often invited to photo shoots. I also love to travel. In future I dream to visit London, New York and other famous cities.

The virgin of Ketty


Price: $ 40 399
Age: 18
Eye color: gray
Hair color: brunette
I’m an obedient girl from a good family. I’ve always studied perfectly and behaved decently. Now I entered the university in Copenhagen. But further study requires a lot of money. Therefore, having learned about the possibility of selling the “right of the first night”, I decided on this.

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