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What do successful men want? Of course, the fulfillment of the most passionate and ardent dreams! “First-Night” VIP agency provides such a unique offer that fully meets the needs of wealthy gentlemen. Namely: we offer to buy virginity in Denmark on favorable terms. Only with the help of our agency you will be able to meet an innocent girl, recharge positive energy from communicating with her and get her “right of the first night”.

Girls from the closed catalog are the standards of true beauty, femininity and charm. Some of them are real models, participants in beauty contests, athletes, etc. And their greatest advantage is purity!

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For how much can virginity be bought in Denmark?

Any man would be happy to meet such stunning innocent girls. They are innocent which confirms a medical examination. They are elegant, talented and active. Acquainted with one of them, you will see a huge difference that distinguishes them from ordinary girls. But this service is not cheap. The price of buying virginity from girls in Denmark starts at $ 20,000 while in Copenhagen it often goes up to $ 100,000. In the world, occasionally there are cases of the sale of innocence for $ 1,000,000.

It all depends on the girl. The more beautiful, sociable and charming it is, the higher the final price. After all, the agency has an online auction system where every man fights for the girl he likes.

You’ll get:

  • Preliminary communication with the chosen one.
  • Strict confidentiality for the client.
  • Unforgettable acquaintance.

We recommend you to open the catalog and personally see the beautiful girls of model appearance from Denmark and around the world, who sell their virginity. If you’re not our client yet then we recommend you to fill out the feedback form right now.

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Buy virginity in Denmark

Girls from whom you can buy virginity in Denmark with the First-Night VIP agency!

Buy Isabella's virginity in Denmark


Price: $ 20 199
Age: 18
Eye color: brown
Hair color: dark
I am from Moscow. I’ve graduated from high school and entered the university. Recently it was a birthday and I became an adult. Now I can fulfill my old dream to move to Denmark. But I need money, so I want to sell my virginity by meeting a man who would support me.

Arisha selling virginity in Denmark


Price: $ 26 599
Age: 19
Eye color: brown
Hair color: black
I’m 19 years old and I am a Go-Go dancer in famous night clubs. I’ve never had relationships with a man, so I’m still a virgin. I’ve decided to sell my innocence in order to earn money to buy an apartment or move abroad.

The Virgin Charlotte


Price: $ 33 499
Age: 18
Eye color: blue
Hair color: brunette
I love to go shopping and buy beautiful things. I also like to have my nails done. I really want to meet a rich man, preferably from Denmark. I will be a good and faithful girl to him. A little about myself: I’m innocent and I’ve never had relationships with men.

Agency address in Denmark

Denmark, Islands Brygge 32A, 2300 København S