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Buy virginity from Nellie in Minsk


Price: $ 11 200
Age: 18
Eye color: blue
Hair color: brown
I have long hair; I dance and study at a medical university. No bad habits.

Oksana selling innocence in Minsk


Price: $ 17 499
Age: 19
Eye color: hazel
Hair color: brown
I am a cheerful and independent girl! I’m looking for an experienced and wealthy man. I want to give him my innocence, as well as stay in close relations after.

Virgin Alyona from Minsk


Price: $ 28 499
Age: 18
Eye color: green
Hair color: blonde
I’ve recently turned 18. I am a model. I also go in for sports. I have a sexy body, 34A bust and long blonde hair. I am looking for a wealthy lover for my first night.

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