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Buy virginity Polina in Monaco


Age: 18
Eye color: hazel
Hair color: blonde
I’m a funny little girl. I just finished school and now study at the university. I like walking and listening to music. I want to earn money and go on a round-the-world trip. In addition, I do not mind further relationship with my first man.

Olya selling innocence


Age: 19
Eye color: green
Hair color: blonde
I’m fond of athletics and running. I entered the University of Physical Education and Sports. I want to be a coach. I sell virginity because I want to leave for another country in the future. I like Monaco; I would like to live there.

The Virgin Liza


Age: 18
Eye color: hazel
Hair color: brunette
I have a slim figure, long, wavy hair. I like to relax and spend time with my friends. My dream is to live next to the sea. However, I need money for this. Therefore, I want to sell my virginity.