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To buy virginity from a girl in Nice, you need at least $ 20,000. But, depending on your wishes, this amount can rise up to $ 100,000. And if you want to get acquainted and have a date with an unusually beautiful virgin from France or other countries, then in rare cases, be prepared to pay up to $ 1,000,000. Indeed, for her “right of the first night” other wealthy men are fighting as well, but she can taken only by one of those.

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Girls from whom you can buy virginity in Nice with the First-Night VIP agency!

Buy virginity from Nicole in Nice


Price: $ 20 999
Age: 19
Eye color: brown
Hair color: brunette
I’m 19, I’m not tall. I’ve never had relationships, and I am looking for a rich and wealthy man from Nice for my first night. Ready to fulfill all the partner’s wishes. Also I’m not against of being a love. I will be a diligent one. I want to live in a large apartment, buy expensive jewelry and have a good time!

Lily selling virginity


Price: $ 30 100
Age: 19
Eye color: blue
Hair color: brown
I have a nice body. I love to study and learn something new. I’ve never traveled abroad. I want to fulfill my dream and visit Nice. Therefore, I want to sell my innocence there. I wouldn’t mind various extravagant wishes from a man. I want to try everything in this life!

Buy virginity at Stesha in Nice


Price: $ 40 500
Age: 18
Eye color: green
Hair color: blonde
I have blonde hair of medium length. I sing and dance, go to the gym. After school, I got a job in a beauty salon and now work as a Go-Go dancer in a nightclub on weekends. I dream of moving abroad and marry a rich man. I’ll become the best girl for him, and he will be my first man.

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