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For how much can virginity be bought in Paris?

In the agency’s catalog you will find really attractive girls who wish to spend their first blissful night with a wealthy man. When deciding to buy virginity, be prepared to pay the amount of $ 20,000, and sometimes even $ 100,000. In rare cases, the price of “the right of the first night” can go up to $ 1,000,000 if the girl is a celebrity or she has many wealthy fans who raise the price.

All men are very attracted by innocence, beauty and sexuality. Having bought virginity, you will bring tremendous pleasure to yourself and open a new world for your chosen one. We assure you that you’ll enjoy these sensations. You will also have the opportunity to build promising relationships with your chosen one.

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Girls from whom you can buy virginity in Paris with the First-Night VIP agency!

Buy virginity in Veronica in Paris


Price: $ 25 399
Age: 18
Eye color: blue
Hair color: blonde
I am a slender and beautiful girl, with long blonde hair, as well as a slim body, long legs and a bewitching look. I like to relax and dance! I had no intimacy. Therefore, I want to sell my virginity, as well as find a man who would completely support me financially.

Natalia selling virginity


Price: $ 38 499
Age: 18
Eye color: gray
Hair color: blond
I am a model. Since childhood I’ve been going to a model school. I participated in beauty contests and starred for various magazines in my city. Now I want to move to the capital. For this I want to sell virginity, because I’ve never had a boyfriend.

Buy virginity from Anya in Paris


Price: $ 30 000
Age: 18
Eye color: brown
Hair color: blonde
I am a beautiful young girl from a good family. I was an excellent student at school, and now I have entered the university. I’ve never had relationships, so I kept my virginity. And now I want to sell it to a rich man in Paris. Also, if we have the same characters, and we do like each other, then I’m not against of serious relationships and ready to move to Paris.

Agency address in Paris

France, Paris 11 Boulevard de Sébastopol, 75001