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Buy virginity in Sweden

Girls from whom you can buy virginity in Sweden with the First-Night VIP agency!

Buy Anika virginity in Sweden


Price: $ 40 000
Age: 18
Eye color: gray
Hair color: blonde
I live in Sweden, study at the university. I like to ride a bike, and have fun. I have a beautiful model appearance. I want to sell my virginity expensively. Therefore, I am looking for a rich and successful man, without age restrictions. I would be glad to meet you and have a relationship.

Karin selling virginity in Sweden


Price: $ 21 500
Age: 19
Eye color: brown
Hair color: blonde
Now I live in Moscow studying at the university. I really like my appearance, so to improve it I constantly go to the gym. In the future I plan to become a successful lawyer, as well as move to Sweden. To do this, I want to sell the “right of the first night.” Ready for a long relationship.

Virgin of Krista


Price: $ 35 999
Age: 19
Eye color: brown
Hair color: brunette
I am a young model from Sweden. I study, and also work in a modeling agency. My photos were printed in various magazines, besides this, I starred in commercials and was shown on TV. I specially preserved my virginity in order to sell it profitably. Waiting for offers from influential men.

Agency address in Sweden

Sweden, Sveavägen 44, 111 34 Stockholm