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For girls selling their virginity is a wonderful opportunity to earn money for something you wish: an apartment, study, a car, moving abroad, resting, buying expensive things, and also a way to get acquainted with a richand handsome man whowould give you gifts for a long time, he will remember you and invite to move to his place.

In addition, there are a lot of cases when simple passion and love breaks out between you and your partner, after which a serious and long relationship appears that develop into a family. Your husband will be wealthy and you will not deny yourself anything, travel, buy expensive jewelry and things. Nowadays this is the key to success!

With the help of the “First-Night” VIP agency, already hundreds of girls were able to profitably sell their virginity and make their dreams come true!

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At what price can a girl sell her virginity?

The price to sell virginity for starts at $ 10,000, but has no limit at the auction, 100 000 $ and even 1 000 000 $. It all depends on you! If you are a beautiful girl and can attract a man, then he will definitely agree to your price, no matter how high it is.

Our agency has great experience and recommendations in the sale and buying virginity, as well as in the field of dating and modeling business. We guarantee:

  • Confidentiality
  • Quality serviceand safety
  • Individual approach

Our agency advises on all issues of the “right of the first night” and assumes all costs associated with flight expenses and medical issues. We also arrange meetings in your city!

Our managers work all over the world.

For girls who have already cooperated with us we have a super offer: “Invite a girlfriend and get a WONDERFUL BONUS”!

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Sell virginity

Reviews of girls who have already sold their innocence through the First-Night VIP agency!

Girl Irina who sold the right of the first night


Price: 15 000$
My name is Irina and I want to thank from the bottom of my heart the “First-Night” VIP agency with the help of which I have sold my virginity. It was the most memorable day in my life. I really liked the wealthy young man. He is a head of a big company. After our first night he was very romantic and took care of me for a long time. A year later we have got married. We are still together and love each other very much!

Girl Victoria, who sold her virginity


Price: 30 000$
I have been waiting for selling my virginity for a very long time, but I could not find a worthy person for this. Then I have decided to apply to the agency. They have found me a man who liked me and was experienced in this matter. I have agreed to sell him my virginity. We still communicate.
I am very glad that I did it! After that, I could buy an apartment in my city.

Girl Julia, who sold virginity


Price: 20 000$
At that time, I was 18; I finished school and wanted leave for Moscow. However, I did not have the money to rent an apartment in the capital.
Then in the Internet I have found an article about how one girl has sold her virginity. Moreover, I have decided to sell my virginity.
I have applied to the“First-Night” VIP agency and they have found me a buyer after a while. Everything was at the highest level! I was very pleased and now I live in Moscow.