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For all the innocent and charming girls, our First-Night agency offers a unique opportunity to sell virginity in Almaty expensively and also get a lot more bonuses! We guarantee you a high price and anonymity of cooperation. In addition, you will have a chance to meet a rich man and live in luxury. This is your chance to try your luck!

You probably have goals and dreams:

  • to study at the university,
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For how much can virginity be sold in Almaty?

On the average, a girl can sell her virginity in Almaty and Kazakhstan starting at $ 10,000. If you want more, $ 50,000 $ 100,000, or even $ 1,000,000, then we will help you with this. We will show you how to fill in the form, give recommendations on how to present yourself to rich men, help you find a buyer from abroad, etc.

In addition, if you’ve always wanted to meet a wealthy gentleman and have long-term profitable relationships with the prospect of marriage, you have come to the right place! We are approached by a large number of men who want to find an innocent girl to create a family with. All the girls who have sold their virginity were able to have the live of their dream, some of them successfully got married, and some built a career in the modeling field. You have a choice, decide now! Leave us your request! Soon we will answer you and tell you about other interesting details.

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To sell virginity in Almaty

Girls who have already sold their virginity in Almaty through the First-Night VIP agency!

Dana sold her virginity in Almaty


Price: 19 000$
I am Dana, I live in Almaty. I decided to sell my virginity in order to buy an apartment. I wrote to the agency. Within a month I found a wealthy man, a businessman who really liked me. I liked him, too. We had a deal. Everything was very romantic and nice. I was very pleased.

Zarina sold her virginity in Almaty


Price: 25 000$
On the recommendation of my close friend, who had already sold her innocence, I also decided to take this step. I did not doubt the professionalism of this agency. They clearly know their job. They showed me several men who liked me. I chose one of them for a meeting and we made a deal.

Jeanne sold innocence in Almaty through an auction


Price: 13 000$
I’ve always wanted to have an expensive German car. But while studying at the institute in Almaty and working, I could not afford it. Since I had no true relationships, and I was a virgin, I decided to contact the First-Night agency. After the consultation, I signed an agreement and waited. And two months later I my dream came true – now I am a real woman and I have my own Mercedes!

Agency address in Almaty

Kazakhstan, Almaty, st. Auezova, house 60, corner of Zhambyl, 050008