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To sell virginity in Kazakhstan through the First Night agency!

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Sell virginity in Kazakhstan

Feedbacks from girls who used the agency’s service and sold their virginity in Kazakhstan!

Ksenia sold her innocence in Kazakhstan


Price: 21 900$
My name is Ksenia. I used the services of the First-Night agency and sold my innocence in order to move to another country. Everything turned out exactly as I wanted. I left for another country and bought an apartment there.

Angela sold her virginity through an auction in Kazakhstan


Price: 30 400$
I urgently needed money to study. I did not want to drive my family into debt, and decided to find them myself. I contacted First-Night. We took beautiful photos, drew up a questionnaire and the auction began. I didn’t even expect to earn so much. In after all this, my gentleman gave me a very chic gift!

Diana sold her innocence in Kazakhstan


Price: 15 200$
Since childhood, I dreamed of a rich and elite life. To implement my plans, I did not have enough start-up capital. And I decided to take everything into my own hands. I sold my virginity to one successful businessman, went to a large city, bought an apartment in it, entered the university there and got a very promising job through that man. Now I have everything and will be even more!

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