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How to earn much money for a careless life if you are a young girl? Probably you want to wear brand clothes, go to posh restaurants, have the newest iPhone and have everything you want … If you are a virgin then this is your chance! First-Night VIP agency helps girls who want to sell their virginity in Minsk expensively. This is a great opportunity not only to get much money at once but also to have relationships with a rich man.

If you are a young, pretty, interesting and sociable girl then cooperation with our agency will help you a lot:

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Of course, these are not all the bonuses that will wait for you after you sell virginity! You will learn more in detail from our consultant! Send us your profile and you will be lucky to change your life!

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For how much can virginity be sold in Minsk?

You probably have questions about price and privacy. On average, girls from Minsk and Belarus sell their virginity for $ 10,000. But the price depends on you. If you have a model appearance and you know your self-worth then with our help you can count on $ 100,000 and even $ 1,000,000. The agency gives a guarantee of complete anonymity and secrecy of cooperation. Profiles of girls are in private paid access. Each date is under control. We are responsible for every girl, and our clients are only adequate and wealthy men.

Mature and wealthy gentlemen are ready to give the whole world to their lady. Romantic walks, gifts and surprises await you. If you are ready to sell your virginity in Minsk profitably then send us your data!

Don’t miss your chance, because every girl dreams of such a wonderful life. You will forget about your problems and failures! Fashion shops, expensive cars, posh restaurants … and this is just the beginning.

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Girls who have already sold their virginity in Minsk through the First-Night VIP agency!

Angelina sold virginity in Minsk


Price: $ 22 000
I urgently needed money to move to another city to study. Then I decided to sell my innocence. I contacted the agency, consulted with the managers and decided on it. They chose me a very romantic man. Everything was perfect! I was satisfied with everything.

Xenia sold her innocence through an auction


Price: $ 37 000
I dreamed about my own posh car, and to make my dream come true I decided to go for it. After consulting the manager, I submitted my application to them, we made a questionnaire, a photo session (at the expense of the agency), and they began to look for a candidate. Soon I had a date with the man of my dreams, everything was perfect!

Alla sold innocence in Minsk


Price: $ 18 000
My name is Alla. I contacted First-Night agency on my friend’s advice. After her auction, she bought herself a good apartment. And since I’d never had a boyfriend, I made up my mind. Now I have an apartment as well!

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