To sell virginity in Minsk!

How to earn money for an independent decent life? We know you want to wear brands, go to fashion establishments, have the last iPhone and do not refuse anything at all …
If this is about you, now is your chance! Our agency conducts casting for girls who want to sell their virginity in Minsk. This is a great opportunity not just to get a six-figure sum at once, but also to start a relationship with a rich man.

We need young, nice, interesting and sociable girls! You cooperate with us and you get a lot of benefits.

  • firstly, a man who can provide you with all the necessary.
  • secondly, travel to the best resorts and countries.
  • third, the realization of your cherished dream. Maybe it’s study abroad or office work in the capital, or maybe classes in the luxury fitness club?

Of course, this is not all bonuses that are waiting! More details you will learn from our manager! Send a profile and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to change your life!
Probably, you have doubts and fears. We give an iron guarantee of anonymity and confidentiality. The profiles of our girls are in private paid access.
Every meeting is held under our control. We are responsible for every girl, and our clients are only adequate wealthy men.
In addition, you are expected romantic walks, gifts and surprises. Adult and wealthy men are ready to give the whole world, if you are already ready to sell your virginity profitably in Minsk, and then please send us a questionnaire!
Hurry to use your chance, because every second dreams of such a life. You will forever forget about your problems and failures! Fashion shops, expensive cars, fine restaurants … and this is just the beginning.

Fill in the application form and we will contact you!

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To sell virginity in Minsk

The girls who have sold their virginity in Belarus through the First Night agency!

Angelina sold virginity in Minsk


I urgently needed money to move to another city for study. Then I have decided to sell my virginity. I applied to the agency, consulted with the manager and decided on it. They picked me a very romantic candidate. Everything went very smoothly! I was satisfied with everything.

Xenia sold her innocence through an auction


I dreamed of my own cool car and for the sake of a dream decided to go for it. After consulting with the manager, I submitted my application to them, we made a profile, photo session (at the expense of the agency) and they began to look for a candidate. Soon the event was excellent!

Alla sold innocence in Minsk


My name is Alla. I turned to the First Night agency for the recall of a friend. They bought a nice apartment after their auction. In addition, since I did not have a boyfriend, and I really wanted to have sex, I did not think long. Now I also have an apartment in a good region.