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We will be able to help you sell virginity in St. Petersburg at a good price and get an enviable man. Usually, the price in St. Petersburg starts at $ 10,000, and depending on your desire, it can be increased several times.

You get the most important thing from a man – financial support. All questions are placed on our shoulders of our agency and interested client. In this cooperation you have all the main advantages! You decide whether you will continue to communicate with aman or even build further relationships with him. We will help you in these endeavors.

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Sell virginity in St. Petersburg

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Christina sold her virginity in St. Petersburg


Price: 17 000$
After I left anapply on the site, a manager contacted me. He advised me in detail on all issues, and I decided on this. The agency found a client within a week. I liked his offer and agreed to sell him my virginity. I recommend!

Natasha from St. Petersburg sold the right of the first night


Price: 21 000$
I always dreamed of studying and living in St. Petersburg. But we had not enough money, we would not manage to do it. Then I found this wonderful site. I thought a little and decided on it. First-Night Agency helped me make my dream come true!

Tatyana from St. Petersburg sold her innocence


Price: 24 500$
My close friend told me about this method of making big money. She already used the services of this agency a couple of years ago. At first I condemned this, but then, thinking a little bit, I decided. I don’t have a beloved one at the moment, but here you can choose your favorite and get a substantial reward for it! I did just that.

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