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How to sell your virginity for $ 10,000 in Ukraine?

Millions of girls dream of selling their virginity profitably. We will help you sell it at a price from $ 10,000 to $ 100,000, or even more. And also, you will be able to have a relationship with a wealthy and rich man who will present you luxurious gifts and let you travel around the world. Imagine how close you are to the realization of your desires.

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Our clients are prominent, wealthy men from all over the world, for whom an innocent girl is equated to a valuable gift. Therefore, you can count on romantic dates, amazing courtship, and constant attention only to you.

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Sell virginity in Ukraine

The girls who have sold their virginity in Ukraine through the First Night agency!

Alena sold the right of the first night in Ukraine


Price: $ 11 000
After contacting the agency, the manager told me everything in detail. And I agreed. The agency made a photo session for me, helped me fill out a questionnaire as well as write an interesting text in the “About Me” field. Within a week, I found a very nice man, he offered to go on a vacation to the islands, and our first night was there. It was unforgettable! I’m really grateful to the agency!

Elya sold her innocence through an auction in Ukraine


Price: $ 16 000
My name is Elya. I wrote to this agency because I needed money. It helped me a lot and provided several suitable men. I talked with some and then made a choice. Everything was great!

Natasha sold virginity in Ukraine


Price: $ 21 900
My friend told me about the “auction of innocence.” As a joke, I decided to try too. But when different men began to write me, I thought maybe it was my chance. Soon a man wrote me declaring his serious intentions. I answered him, we began to chat, and, as a result, we have been together for 3 years!

Agency address in Ukraine

Ukraine, Kiev, Nizhny Val street, 51, 04071